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Basic Controls[edit | edit source]

The Control Mode is different depending on the class of the character you select.

Tab-targeting System[edit | edit source]


The targeting system has the following characteristics:

a. The mouse cursor will not affect your character’s movement until it’s clicked.

b. You can change your character’s direction and perspective by holding down the mouse button.

c. You can choose your target by clicking on it directly.

d. Each time you press the Tab key, a different enemy is selected starting from the nearest one.

Action-targeting (Non-targeting) System[edit | edit source]

  • If you choose a Berserker class character, your character will have a non-targeting control system.

The non-targeting system has the following characteristics:

a. Your character’s movements and perspective will change just by moving the mouse cursor, regardless of clicking or not.

b. The mouse cursor is usually hidden until the Alt key is pressed.

c. Through the non-targeting system, damage is dealt to the closest enemy without target them separately.

d. However, lock-on can be activated by pressing the Tab key to observe a specific target.

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