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Companions are the various creatures you tame, throughout the world, in Bless Online. Some creatures serve as fine riding companions to maneuver you across the world. Others serve only as trophy pets that assist you in passive ways. Taming any creature requires you to have a level appropriate Taming Scroll, and to succeed in the taming mini-game.Successful taming will yield you 5 Taming experience, for your life skill, and the companion in question. Occasionally, a speedier version of the mini-game will appear when you try to tame something. Succeed in it and you will obtain a pet/mount anima, 20 exp, and, possibly, even a rare/heroic version of what you just tamed! The possibilities are, almost, limitless!

Once you obtain your companion of choice you will have the option to level it up, and further upgrade it's rarity. Leveling a mount is pretty simple. It gains experience as you ride around on it, and when you jump (But Jumping eats 60 stamina). Pets, on the other hand, only need to be kept summoned to gain experience. When either companion type's stamina reaches zero it is automatically un-summoned. Be careful, lest you end up falling off in mid air! Once a companion reaches the grade level cap (10 for Superior, 30 for Rare, 45 for Heroic) you can sacrifice similar companions for a chance at upgrading the grade of the former companion. Sacrificing a companion with the same ID as the one you wish to upgrade will double your success chance, and, upon success, your companion will gain a new skill from a select skill pool. Mounts have affinity towards learning certain skills, based on their species, but pets have no such factor. Each companion only has a fixed number of upgrade chances. Once it reaches 0 all you can do is keep it, or sacrifice it to level up a new one!

If you find you have too many companions bogging down your companion inventory; then the only way to get rid of them is by 'Enhancing' another companion. Through enhancing, you can sacrifice other, less desirable, companions to help level up another companion. Unlike upgrading, you can use any grade/level of companion. (This is the only way to get rid of a companion.)

Companion food can only be crafted via Cooking, and it can only be used in the companion window; on an un-summoned companion.

Experience earned via Taming enhances your Taming Level, which, among other bonuses, also increases your companion inventory limit.

Companion Skills

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