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The Lore of Bless Online.

Embers in the Storm[edit | edit source]

Hundreds of years since the beginning of the Fifth Era, the opening act to a colossal war that will shake the whole continent is finally here. The fateful and brutal war has begun. The various races of this era are all participating for reasons of their own.

Which side will you choose? For what will you risk your life? What will be your legacy?

The Dawn of the Habichts Empire and the Fifth Era[edit | edit source]

The Habichts humans united with the Sylvan Elves and Lupus tribes to form a Holy Alliance of the northern continent. With their combined strength, they achieved great victory against the barbarian Blood Alliance, bringing an end to the Dark Ages and ushering forth a brilliant new era. As the newly ascended champions of the northern continent, the Habichts Empire further strengthened its relations with the other northern races by proclaiming the Sylvan Elves as Guardians of the Realm and the Lupus as Earls of the Land. Then, the Habichts journeyed into the South, reclaiming the territory of the ancient Lumen Empire, liberating Spezia and other city-states one after another from the barbarians.

Birth of the Amistad Federation[edit | edit source]

In the Dark Ages, the Amistad people of the southern continent lived their lives in terror of barbarian attacks, hiding away in isolated cities, just barely maintaining their existence. But under the protection of the Habichts Empire, the Amistad made remarkable progress. City-states, including Spezia, quickly regained their former prosperity. To facilitate their society's growth in diplomacy, military, industry, and commerce, a new political community named the Amistad Federation was formed. But as the southern continent developed, so too did the people's dissatisfaction towards the once welcomed Habichts Empire's rule and intervention.

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Clash of the Factions: Outbreak of the Fall War[edit | edit source]

As the Habichts Empire sought to unify the entire continent, the Amistad Federation in the south desired sovereignty. The conflict between the two powers was inevitable. When the Amistad refused to pay tribute, the Habichts Empire responded by sanctioning the "Humiliation of Padana," where the Habichts Empire used military resources to pressure the rebellious city-state. Since then, tensions continued to rise by the day—until finally, the Amistad Federation declared independence.

Though the Empire fought to prevent this, its forces were driven off at the Padana Frontier. The Amistad Federation achieved splendid victory, and morale in the south soared. Furious, the Habichts Emperor deployed alongside his military in a massive expedition to confront the Amistad. And so, the Fall War that would send ripples through the Fifth Era began.

Unification of the Southern Races and the Establishment of the Union Alliance[edit | edit source]

With the decisive battle now upon them, the Amistad Federation sought to compensate for its inferior fighting force with support from the other southern races. The first to join hands with the Amistad were the Panteras, who had constructed a united kingdom after a long period of division and endeavored to expand their own power. The Iblis, who were preparing to advance into the southern continent after expelling the Fedayin (members of an exclusive ruling class) from their homeworld through a revolt, shared the same interests as the Amistad and were next to become allies. As a result, the three races entered into a permanent military alliance. Not long after, the Aqua Elves also joined the alliance to exact revenge on the Sylvan Elves, allies of the Habichts. And so, to combat the Holy Empire, the Union Alliance of the southern continent was born.

The Empire's Crisis and the Hieron Holy Alliance[edit | edit source]

Certain that victory was imminent, the Habichts Empire marched upon the Padana Battlefield with its Emperor and encountered the newly formed Union Alliance. But the Habichts experienced devastating defeat. Not only did they lose the war, but they also lost their leader, who was killed in the conflict. As the Empire retreated, the Amistad Federation expanded its realm of influence into the Cornus Mountain Range. Instability returned to the northern continent in the wake of the Habichts Empire's exhaustion, and barbarians began to invade once again. The Sylvan Elves and the Lupus, traditional allies of the Habichts Empire, thus came forward to restore peace and order to their lands.

The Era of South-North Confrontation[edit | edit source]

With the Amistad leading the Union Alliance, the Habichts Empire leading the Hieron Holy Alliance, and the continents settled into a confrontation between the two factions, other races also moved to align with either side. The Fedayin, exiled by the Iblis, joined with the Hieron Holy Alliance in an effort to reclaim their home. Though Mascu and Sirens remained neutral, almost all of the other intellectual races were divided in the conflict between north and south, and a new era of war began.

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