Unknown girl

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Unknown girl
Quest Giver: Automatic
Reward: Hard Baguette
Level: 4
Preceded by: '
Followed by: Knowledge Training Center
Region: Otherworldly Garden

Description[edit | edit source]

I heard someone's voice through a message. An unknown girl taught me about basic movement and changing directions and I was able to meet her. The girl that called me introduced herself as Ullie. Ullie said that I could learn about basic Manipulation in this place.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Performing the Basic Control Guide
  • Use the WSADkeys to move to the destination marked on the Minimap
  • Speak to Olier in the Otherworldly Garden
  • Press Space key to jump down the stairs and Speak to

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Olier: Conversations can be initiated by pressing the F key or clicking the interaction button with the mouse. Clicking the option on the right side of the dialog or pressing the F key on the keyboard allows you to continue the conversation.
DialogueMainQuest.pngI see.
Olier: I'm Olier. This is Gehenna, a world in a different dimension from your own. You were a hero. But you were seriously hurt during the war and you escaped to this place. Your world needs you. Anatavarin.
Olier: Don't worry. You don't have to try to remember. You'll know in time. It's going to take a long time to recover from such injuries.
DialogueMainQuest.pngI see.
Olier: This is the knowledge training center. From now on, I will teach you about basic combat and how to use items.
DialogueMainQuest.pngAll right.
Olier: Right! If you want to refer to the guides that have been already completed, just click on the Journal of Anatavarin from the menu located at the bottom right of the window. You can find all the guides under The Pathfinder of Adventure tab in the Journal of Anatavarin.
DialogueMainQuest.pngI see.
Olier: Shall we now start with how to use items? I'll give you an item so please try to use it. This is a food item with healing functions.
DialogueMainQuest.pngThank you.